Member & Franchisee

We Become Your Advisor

SAS does not just provide your accounting. We provide insight. Our professionals are the people you can talk to about your business to evaluate tough decisions or new opportunities. When you run a company, it can be difficult to talk to an employee or even a manager in the company about the organization’s future or challenges. We become the resource for you to have those confidential discussions even if it’s just the initial stages of discovery or you just want to “kick” a concept

How Do We Do It

First, we understand your goals. What’s keeping you up at night? What do you think is critical to making your business as successful as possible? Are there some challenges or changes coming? Then, we construct a strategy to ensure the accounting and financial reporting needs of the business are in place. Monthly, we provide accurate financial results including analysis and monitoring of Key Performance Indicators. Our team talks with you and provides either just what you need for today or we can provide more extensive consulting and advanced strategies.


What Does SAS Do

  • Monthly Accounting Services
  • Payroll
  • Sales Tax Reporting
  • Franchisor Reporting
  • Customized Management Reporting
  • Key Metrics
    • Payroll to Gross Profit, Cash as a Percentage of Total assets, Inventory Turns
  • Strategic Business Tax Planning
    • Including Federal and State Tax Returns
  • Personal Financial Tax Planning and Reporting

What Does It Cost

It depends on the level of support you need. We will talk through your needs and set a fair, reasonable price. One significant advantage we provide is our extensive knowledge of the franchise world. Your local bookkeeper or accountant most likely does not understand the franchise world. Our team is deep and cuts through the learning curves. We do it faster and better than most accountants. In addition, with us there is no hiring, training, managing, firing, or benefits.