Building Franchise Value

The leaders in Franchise Accounting. SAS helps both the Franchisee and Franchisor focus on the drivers that make them more profitable. Our firm uses technology to optimize our ability to analyze financial results and communicate with our clients.

We Deliver Advice That Matters

Thinking Beyond Compliance

Depth. The only way to materially affect the outcome of our clients is to get to know them. Not just their financial reporting, tax, or accounting needs, but to understand what they value.

Connectivity. We develop strong client relationships because it is the best way to deliver exceptional advice. Personal connections with our clients make us feel good about what we do and adds that extra element that makes an impact for our clients.

About Specialized Accounting Services

Specialized Accounting Services (SAS) helps build the value of a franchise.
We provide stable and accurate accounting support to help franchisees make more informed decisions and enable them to work to increase the profitability of their stores. SAS’s efforts help franchisors continue to maintain a healthy group of profitable stores that reflect the value of the brand and demonstrate to future franchisees the reason to invest in your organization. We partner with the individual store owners and collaborate with franchise leadership to bring best in class ideas to keep the business fresh and growing.

Association & Franchise Accounting

SAS understands the association and franchise business. We know how stores operate, what they need, and how to manage reporting to your franchisor, management team, and regulatory group. Payroll, sales taxes, bill payment, monthly financials, management reports, etc. You focus on the business. Let us handle the details and keep you informed.

Customized Franchisor Reporting

Franchisor reporting is a major responsibility. Our team knows how to painlessly accomplish this for you. In addition, we work with your franchisor to understand how to best use the tools and systems they have in place to help your operation flourish. Our clients maintain great businesses and our role is to ensure they continue to do so.

Accurate Financials

Good decisions start with accurate accounting that properly captures your financial activity. Without detailed data you cannot get quality financial statements that tell your story. Your accounting creates the financial reports used to calculate your tax liability. Every financial aspect of your business is impacted by your accounting decisions.

We Are Hiring

We have had tremendous growth and are seeking people who want to make a difference.