Managing the Moving Pieces

Every business has moving parts and many constantly change. In a franchise that could involve employees, inventories, new services or product introduction and training, cash management, pricing changes, customer demands, and more. Our professionals help you manage these moving pieces to ensure your business strategy stays on track.

Enhancing the Value of Your Business

Some of our support is required to ensure you remain compliant with the government and your franchisor. We do not want you to worry about these needs. Our core purpose is to be there with you to help deal with the changes that surface and work with you to build company value.

Some Specific Advisory Services Include

  • Exit & family succession planning
  • Business valuation
  • Estate and retirement planning, trusts, gifting strategies
  • Loss prevention
  • Human resource support
  • Cost segregation
  • Monthly bank credit monitoring
  • Debt collection
  • Turnaround consulting

Acting as Your Trusted Advisor

SAS takes on the role of acting as your independent confidant. You can talk to us about any business or personal question, without your staff or leadership team thinking you are considering a major change.